The Truth About Bat Rollers.

The Truth…

I was reading a competitor’s website.   The person had a comparison chart about his competitor’s bat rolling machines.   It was filled with distortions and misinformation.   I understand they are upset, they can no longer get away with over-charging customers.  Instead of improving their products and lowering prices they try to trick their potential customers into over-paying.   We have been manufacturing products in Florida for almost 30 years and have a spotless reputation.  There is a reason our competitors don’t have their phone number on their websites.

Here are some of their bogus claims:

Comparison number 1

Their claim: “Aluminum isn’t strong enough and you should use steel, because most vices are steel”.

The Truth: Bat Rolling Machines are not like vices,  they are similar to rolling press machines.  Our competitors use steel because it is a lot cheaper than Aircraft grade Aluminum.  We could make more money welding cheap steel plates together.  However,  we take the extra time to precision machine our plates and absorb the extra cost of hardware.   We do this because it’s the right thing to do for our customers.   Our aluminum is 7075 “aircraft grade”  and has a ultimate tensile strength of 83,000 PSI.    We promise you if it’s strong enough for an airplane it’s strong enough for you.

Comparison number 2

Their Claim: “Needle and flange bearings are cheap and will damage your shafts”.

The Truth: We only use high quality sealed, radial bearings, and only buy the best, most trusted brands.  We use 6 sealed bearings in our machine, while they only use 4 bushings (they call them self-lubricating bearings).  They use bushings instead of radial bearings because it’s cheaper, not because it’s more reliable.

Comparison number 3

Their Claim:  ”We use precision machined rollers and our competitors don’t really specify anything about their rollers”.

The Truth: We don’t specify each precision machined part on our machine, because the “ENTIRE” bat rolling machine including the rollers is precision machined.  Oh, and by the way the material we use in our roller is also more expensive and a higher-grade too.

The Truth they don’t tell you: